What To Do After Fire or Flood Damages Your Property

Having your house on fire is not nice. Not at all. Having it flooded is no fun either. You are overwhelmed, your world is falling apart. I can only imagine what your mind is going through. You are confused and you don’t know what to do next.

Many people have been in the same situation described above. In order to help any other unfortunate souls  with similar disasters raining on your heads, here is a quick to-do list (part 1) of important tasks:

  • Once the emergency services  have left your property you need to check for any structural damage. What you don’t want to do is have the building collapse on your head.
  • Get a reputable electrical company to check the installation. This is very important!
  • Get your copy of the insurance policy and read it carefully
  • Call your buildings insurance company and inform them about the disaster
  • Obtain info how to secure your home until repairs are completed. They are very good at that.
  • Search for any valuable documents that might have survived the fire or flood
  • Make a complete inventory of all items that have been damaged – take lots of detailed photographs
  • Make arrangements for your alternative accommodation – liaise with your insurance company on this one. It is very likely that they will cover all of your expenses related to organising and using a temporarily rented house/flat. Don’t forget to keep all of your receipts for meals, hotels, toiletries, clothes etc. Your insurer will require a proof of these purchases.

I know this is very stressful and shocking but there is a real chance of it happening. Be prepared to pick up the pieces of your home in an organised manner. Do not despair – there is light at the end of the tunnel and things will go back to normal again. They always do. The thing is – you have to know what to do in the immediate aftermath of a disaster happening and how to prevent the situation from becoming worse than it is.